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Trusted by Parents and Student across the world.

When Students take CONAT, they not only alleviate ambiguity, uncertainty, fear from their own lives, but also integrate their parents into their learning strategies and designs. 

And parents can't thank us enough.


Listen to what Parents have to share about CONAT™

Video testimonials of CONAT Parents

Sharing by Parents and Students

In our experience, CONAT parents become highly expressive when they experience clarity! Here are some of their expressions.

"What I found most interesting was how accurately the assessment captured my child. What his strengths are, areas where he needs work... I was absolutely amazed!"

Hiten Shah, Parent from New Jersey, USA

"It really so insightful to understand my daughter in totality, we are better informed now.  The Multiple Intelligence parameters, the way she can learn so well matches.  The authenticity of the assessment is commendable"

Namrata Saxena, Educator, Parent from Mumbai

"It's a wonderful system. They were spot on and clear in their assessment. I can really see a pattern and can think of parenting my child in a different fashion, which will definitely help her, as well as all of us."

Upendra Naik, Parent from Navi Mumbai

"I am sold to the concept. The session had been really good, very informative and insightful for us; it was worth investing our time."

Vandana, Parent and HR Professional from Gujarat, India

"What I liked most about the assessment is that it carried lot of questions about myself in general. It was an interesting assessment and the results were accurate and on the mark. The one on one session was an active discussion with my parents and myself. The process helped me to make a better decision and am certainly very confident."

Ananya Nair, Student, North Point ICSE, Navi Mumbai
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