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The CONAT™ Dashboard for Schools and Institutions*

A scientific & reliable tool based on Cognitive Data Science

  • To scientifically identify & maximise true potential of students.

  • To analyse students based on Cognitive Factors

  • To address unique learning needs of every student

  • To bring certainty in educational endeavours & journey of life

  • To have constructive conversations during teacher-parent interactions

  • To guide students for higher studies & informed career choices,

  • To do annual competency mapping

*Includes Tuition Centres, Coaching Classes and other Educational Institutions.


The untold challenges for educators are deriving and creating effective teaching strategies as

Solving a Quadratic Equation in Algebra.
Describing the character of Macbeth in English Class.
Recalling the date when WWI started in History.
Deriving a proof of a theorem in Geometry.

Grid Pattern

All of the above require unique teaching and learning strategies according to the child and the subject as

"Every child is unique."

How does CONAT™ Work in a school?

How the CONAT Dashboard can be used by Schools and Teachers in order to optimise student learning and engagement.

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Digital Work Life

Power of
CONAT™ Ecosystem

The benefits of the CONAT Cognitive Data Science Dashboard.

Hover your mouse over the boxes to know more.

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Deep Insights

📝 For Classes
  • How the Class can meet the Benchmarks
  • Gap Analysis
  • Support the Class teacher to anticipate
🧒🏻 For Students
  • How is each student unique
  • Factors that make each student unique.
  • Identify Student for assistance 
  • Guide student to design learning strategies
  • Create a structure to support
  • Creation of Evidence Based Teaching Strategies.
  • Impact all learners as a classroom.
  • Nuances of individual learners.

Effective Strategies

Plan Practices that are based on nurturing.
Balanced Classroom Management based on variables of
  • Academic
  • Behavioural
  • Social
  • Non Academic
Choose Tools to Create awareness, learning and efficiency for 
  • Whole Class Instructions
  • Small Group Differentiation
  • Individual Support   

Efficient Practices


NAT™ Ecosystem

Understand how CONAT can be integrated and can benefit all stakeholders.
The above CONAT dashboard filtered by Students of Grade 10 with high DIQ.

For Academic Head

  • Can design Teaching and Learning objectives scientifically.

  • Can plan classrooms scientifically.

For Teaching Team

  • Understand each child holistically

  • Create profound relatedness with Parents

  • Guide each student to design personalised learning Strategies

Going beyond Academics

  • Identify and mentor students for various competitions (e.g. Olympiads, MUNs, Quizzes and Essays)

  • Early identification and nurturing of students for Sports, Performing Arts, Music and Visual Arts

Proactive Parent Interactions

  • Interact with Parents with scientific, validated researched methodology driven by data to back up.

  • Observe areas of strength & concerns and work with Parents

  • Share best fit strategies for parents to practice at home

  • Parents  experience the contribution of school ecosystem in their childs life

  • Scientific awareness  empowers the parents to make informed decisions

School Building

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