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CONAT™ Mentors
Help Parents Discover, Identify, Measure their child's innate
Cognitive Abilities, Natural Strengths, Dominant Thinking Pattern and Learning Style

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CONAT™ Mentors contribute to one of the most important decisions of a family i.e. Higher education of their children.

The CONAT™ Mentor programme is designed to train CONAT Mentors who will interpret the CONAT Assessment Report and guide and empower parents and students about their Natural Strengths and Cognitive Abilities, guide them to design Learning Strategies which are aligned to the natural capabilities and capacities. 

What will you experience in a CONAT™ Mentoring Session?

  • The CONAT™ Mentor will Interpret the CONAT Assessment report

  • The CONAT™ Mentor will Guide students in designing a personalised learning strategy

  • The CONAT™ Mentor will Empower students to create a pathway for higher education

A CONAT™ Mentor is a freelance opportunity for Teachers, Trainers,
HR Professionals, Graduates and Post Graduates in Psychology or Education, or anyone with a similar or allied background.

98% of students choose their higher studies and electives through an unscientific process, often through Interests, Influence of Parents and Peers, Economic Conditions, Market Scenarios.

This often leaves parents and students experiencing uncertainty and fear.

CONAT™ Mentors help alleviate that fear and uncertainty by bringing a scientific method to the decision making process through a reliable and validated Assessment. 

This empowers the student as well as the parent to make informed and integrated decision about their future, thus eliminating guesswork, uncertainty and fear.

A CONAT™ Mentor guides students for designing learning strategies to excel in academics.

Parents gain confidence in taking decisions towards creating a future for their children.

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Become a
NAT™ Mentor

Apply for CONAT™ Mentor Certfication Programme below.

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CONAT™ Mentor Certification Program

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📝 Certification

After completing Three Pro Bono session, the participant will appear for an online
Once the participant successfully clears the test, they are inducted as a
Certified CONAT Mentor.
Validity of Certificate: One Year, post which active CONAT Mentors will do a
review training for re-certification

📕 Modules of the Program

  • ​14 Hours of Theory through online sessions

  • Assignments to be completed between sessions

  • Three Practice Sessions to create, distinguish & experience being a CONAT Mentor.

  • Three Pro Bono Sessions independently conducted by the participants

🕐 Duration: 25 Hours

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Meet CONAT Mentors

from across the globe. View All


Sarabjit Kaur

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi

Neelima Gupta

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
English, Hindi

Prajith P V

Mahe, Kerala, India
English, Malayalam, Tamil

Archana PR

Thrissur, Kerala, India
English, Malayalam, Kannada
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